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No medicine needed: 5 natural remedies for period cramps

If you’re the type of girl who doesn’t get cramps when your period is coming, consider yourself *very* lucky. For some of us, cramps can be an unbearable and sickening pain. Some girls have trouble getting out of bed when their periods are approaching, and others become physically ill with stomachaches or headaches. If you’re one of the girls struggling with this dreadful monthly pain, Motrin (or something similar) might be one of your solutions. But not everyone loves taking medicine—some tablets are hard to swallow and it can feel unnatural taking pills so frequently.

Either way, if you’re not the kind of gal who wants to take meds every time you develop cramps, we have some alternative solutions for you. Try these natural remedies next month—you never know, one of these just might solve your period probs.

1. Heating pads


Heating pads are seriously *ah-mazing* at alleviating the pain associated with period cramps. A heating pad is a thin, heated pillow that you place on your lower back or lower abdomen when your cramps start acting up. The heat from the pad relaxes your uterine muscles and does the perfect job of making your cramps less severe. If you use a heatnig pad with a timer, you can even alleviate your cramps as you fall asleep.

2. Exercise, exercise, exercise


We know what you're thinking: "Exercise…? Did I really read that right?" Yes! We know, when cramps are awful the last thing you want to do is get out of bed and go for a run…but you should. According to medical doctor Gustavo Rossi, exercise releases “beta-endorphins” which act as a pain reliever for you body. Exercise also has natural healing qualities and will therefore calm your muscle contractions during your period.

3. Chamomile tea


Chamomile tea is one of our favorite remedies because it works *and* it tastes great! Studies have shown that tea acts as an anti-inflammatory, which will calm the muscles in your digestive tract. By soothing your muscles internally, tea has been known to reduce period cramps. The heat from the tea also calms your mind, shifting your focus away from the cramps and putting you in a more relaxed state.

4. Basil


Basil is a plant (similar to arugula or mint) that you can eat during your period to relieve menstrual cramps. Basil contains an ingredient called caffeic acid, which is an antioxidant known to relieve pain. Try adding basil to your cup of warm chamomile tea—it’s delicious and it will work with the tea to make you feel better.

5. Ginger


For a lot of girls, stomach aches are one of the worst aspects of period cramps. If you suffer from nausea or abnormal bowel movements from your period, try ginger. Ginger can be eaten alone or consumed in the form of tea or juice. Once your stomach ache has gone away, you may notice that your cramps feel better, too.

How do you deal with period cramps? Will you be trying any of these remedies? Tell us in the comments below!

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by Julia Selsky | 7/17/2016
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