Blush Much

This girl's mom turned her beach day into a major Insta blunder!

I was at the beach with my family last week and, as usual, my mom had to document the family day with, like, 300 photos. She had her phone out the whole time so I just started ignoring her because I was SO sick of smiling. Well, I guess I should have paid closer attention because when I got home from the beach, I realized that she had posted a pic of me with my phone in my hand. Pretty harmless, right? Well, when you zoom into the pic you can CLEARLY see that I have my crush's Insta feed open and I'm staring at a photo of him from 2021! The worst part? My crush's mom is friends with my mom on Instagram and she hearted the photo and commented, "Isn't that my Billy she's looking at?" GREAT!

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by GL | 10/27/2023