Blush Much

This girl farted at the *worst* time

My mom is a yoga instructor and I love to practice, too, so I asked my P.E. teacher if she'd help me start a yoga club at my school. She said yes and I was so excited when our first meeting came up last week. I assumed that only girls would show up, so I was super pumped when I saw my crush and a few of his friends walk in. My crush took the mat behind mine and I could barely think straight knowing he was there. Everything was going so well until it was time for downward dog. I popped my butt in the air and accidentally let out the hugest, loudest, smelliest fart EVER. My crush started coughing and he and his friends walked out before class was even over. I can't even look him in the face now!

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by GL | 10/14/2019