Blush Much

This girl's kiss went totally downhill!

I met the *cutest* guy on the first day of college, and our connection was electric. It was clear to both of us that we would be more than friends. We started hanging out, eating dinner together in the dining halls and watching movies. He knew pretty much everything about me!

One day, when I was leaving the dorm for class, we kissed goodbye — and all of the sudden, my lip started to swell! Immediately, my mouth felt super warm and my tongue started to tingle. These symptoms, along with the taste of peanut butter, made me instantly realize: I was having an allergic reaction!

Yikes. I have anaphylaxis, and this peanut allergy could lead to my throat closing. Embarrassed and scared, I pulled away and dashed to class. He sweetly called me a few minutes later to check up on me, worried and super apologetic that he had forgotten about his recent lunch. Luckily, it was a minor situation and I had left quickly enough, so I was fine, but *cringe*. Way to ruin the mood!

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by GL | 4/10/2023