Star Signs

A delish Disney World snack for every star sign

Whether you're a self-proclaimed Disney fanatic or have only ever dreamed about visiting the iconic Cinderella castle, we can all agree that one of the most magical things about Disney World is the food. Decadent, delicious and totally Insta-worthy, the eats at our fave Florida theme park are not to be missed. 

But with four massive parks (not to mention two water parks, Disney Springs and over 15 on-property hotels), it can be almost impossible to find the Disney dish that best suits your taste buds and your personal aesthetic. 

Good thing it's written in the stars! That's right, we've found a delish quick-service Disney World snack that's perf for each star sign. So bring your Mickey ears and an appetite, because we're gonna dig in. 



Bold on the outside and sweet on the inside, the Cheshire Cat Tail at Magic Kingdom is a surprise crowd favorite. Aries girls, you are sure to love this treat's bright colors and secret chocolate filling. Just like the Chesire Cat himself (who is *def* an Aries, let's be real), the dessert may look a little outlandish, but it's got a sweet side. 



If you know anything about Star Wars, you'll know that Chewbacca the Wookiee is super loyal to his friend Han Solo. And if you know anything about cookie sandwiches, they're pretty loyal to your tastebuds. Just like the kind and reliable Taurus, the Wookiee Cookie from Hollywood Studios is a treat you can always count on (to be delish, ofc!). 



This "frushi" found at the Japanese pavilion in EPCOT is as unconventional as it gets—just like the spontaneous Gemini. An oddly delightful combo of fruit and sushi rice, it is the perf Disney park snack for this playful and curious air sign. 



Mac-and-cheese (just like this luxurious-looking quick-service mac from EPCOT), is the ultimate comfort food. No wonder it reminds us of our totally emotionally-available Cancer girls. Need some support? You can always count on Cancers (and Disney mac, ofc). 



The vivid Raspberry Lunch Box Tart from Hollywood Studios' Toy Story Land just begs to be seen. Sound like anyone familiar? If you're a Leo gal, you probs love the attention (and you're totally deserving of it too, tbh). Taking a pic with this aesthetic treat would def be a main-worthy Insta post. 



A classic on-the-go treat that you can find at any Disney Park? Perfect snack for the practical Virgo. Your friends can always rely on you, just like you can always rely on the Mickey pretzel for being delish and on-theme. 



Delicate and sweet, this adorable Minnie-inspired bubble waffle found at Disney Springs has vanilla soft serve and strawberries, an indulgent yet fresh combo that totally reminds us of the diplomatic Libra. 



You just *have* to try the Grey Stuff cupcake from Gaston's Tavern in Magic Kingdom to understand the hype. With an unlikely depth and mysterious reputation for deliciousness, the Grey Stuff is totally reminiscent of all Scorpio girlies. You may be a little reserved, but once you get to know someone, your dynamic, emotional side shines through. 



A unique tropical treat found in Magic Kingdom's Adventureland, the Dole Whip float is a Disney go-to. The pineapple flavoring may be a bit adventurous, but it is still well-liked by many—just like the worldly and charismatic Sagittarius. 



We know you Capricorn girlies. Even a vacay to Disney World couldn't put a damper on your detailed morning routine, which means you gotta get that daily Starbies drink! But don't forget to put that Cap creativity to good use—add something cute like brownie Mickey ears (as shown in the pic) on your drink to make your go-to order magical.



This air sign is known for being innovative—which is why Magic Kingdom's unique take on the traditional crepe would be the ultimate Aquarius girl snack. Found at Sleepy Hollow Refreshments, this gorgeous waffle would make the best Disney brekkie for any creative-thinking Aquarius. 



Pisces are by far the most adaptable signs, which is why a trip to L'Artisan des Glaces at the French Pavillion in EPCOT is a must-do. Whether you like your ice cream indulgent and full of delicious toppings or delicate and minimalistic (with just a hint of Disney flair), a yummy ice cream cone is sure to be a crowd-pleaser, no matter your flavor palate.

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Top and slider image: @foodieyaya


by Laila Mayfield | 4/9/2023