Survey Says

SURVEY SAY? A Quiz For Anyone

Tricky Questions:

1. Would you rather be caught kissing your BFF's BF or the least popular boy in the school? My best friend's BF (I'm sorry!)

2. If you were at a dance and your crush asked you if you thought your BFF would like to dance with him, what would you say? I'd pretend like I didn't ear him and then run to pull my BFF out of sight! LOL

3. If you could make 5 wishes that would automatically come true, what would they be? (No asking for more wishes!!!) No one I love would ever die, we would never have to move, my parents will never get divorced, my crush falls for me and I make a ton of new friends while keeping all of the ones I have now

4. Would you rather wear plaid pants or boy's clothes for a year? Boy's Clothes? I really don't know

5. Would you rather never get married or never have kids? Never get married

6. Would you rather have your mom furious at you for the rest of your life or never see her again? Mad at me

7. Would you become an organ donor? Of course

8. Did You like this quiz? It was mine!


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5/14/2008 12:00:00 AM