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How to make the dreamiest (and healthiest!) smoothie bowls

Smoothies are a great way to get in a healthy serving of fruits, and turning your breakfast smoothie into a fun decorative bowl will get your day started on the right note! There are *tons* of social media accounts dedicated to showing off beautiful smoothie bowls in all colors of the rainbow and featuring delicious toppings. The queens of thick, colorful smoothie bowls are twin sisters Ashley and Taylor Johnston (@twincoast on Insta and TikTok).  Their account is *super* aesthetically pleasing, and their smoothies look beyond amazing! Here are some of their top tips to get the perfect creamy texture for smoothie bowls. 

Switch up your fruits!

Ashley and Taylor use lots of extra fruit to make their smoothies thick. Their go-to choices are raspberries, blueberries, bananas and strawberries, but they are constantly mixing it up to create unique flavors. You can find specific recipes in the captions of their Instagram videos, but their biggest tip is to use fresh fruit rather than frozen to make them taste *that* much better. 


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Pile on the toppings 

Whether you are a fruit fanatic or like to add some chocolate and granola to the top of your smoothies for a touch of sweetness, don't be afraid to finish off your bowls with something fun. For some *adorable* inspo, check out their Valentine's Day inspired bowl.

It's all about the accessories

Twin Coast has an online shop where you can purchase your own coconut bowls and golden spoons. There's something about beachy accessories that make your smoothie bowls taste even more delicious! Check out their adorable online shop here

The blender 

In order to get the perfect texture, Twin Coast uses a Vitamix blender for smoothie making. They posted a full tutorial of how to use the blender on Youtube, giving you the inside scoop on how to step up your smoothie game. Bonus: their technique also works on other models like Ninja or Blendtech, so you *don't* have to spend a ton of money buying a new blender to make it work! 

How excited are you to try some of Twin Coast's recipes? Tag us @girlslifemag on Insta and TikTok to show us your recreations! 


by Lexi Casazza | 4/17/2021