Skechers Tone Ups

Our Blogger Babe stepped out in Skechers Tone Ups that are supposed to help ya get fit faster. Here’s what she thought:

I’ve been curious about Skechers Tone-Ups since the first time I saw them on a TV commercial. Loads of benefits just from wearing flip-flops? Hmm....

When I first saw them, I was a little reluctant to wear them with some of my outfits. But once I slid them on, I was convinced otherwise. They’re like that shirt that you see on the hanger and you think, “Eh, its not terrible, but it’s not the best,” and then once you try it on you think, “Wow! This looks goooood!” So girlies, don’t shy away at the sight of these, they look way better on the footsies.

Did I mention how über comfortable they are? I felt like I was walking on clouds when I wore ‘em. They help burn more calories, and they help tone muscles all over (I sure noticed an improvement!). But do be careful, my legs felt a little wobbly after I took them off from a long walk.
The Tone-Ups come at a pretty good price. You’ll get your money out of these just by walkin’ in them.
So what do you girls think? Would you buy Tone-Ups? Do you already own a pair?


by Sarah | 2/1/2016