The cutest eco-friendly water bottles

We’ve all heard it: plastic water bottles are ruining the Earth. Wanna do something about it? Well, the good news is that with every plastic bottle you recycle, you also help to preserve petroleum, a non-renewable resource. But every time a plastic bottle isn’t recycled — which according to a 2003 study published by MSNBC, is 40 million a day! — we consume more petroleum and burn tonsa fossil fuels. Yikes!

Here are our three fave eco-friendly water bottles, with adorable girly designs. They make totally thoughtful gifts for your sporty friends, too.

Hello Kitty is always in style and super presh. And this bottle is the purr-fect size for toting around school.

Nalgenes are perf for pre-game hydrating. They come in tonsa cute colors and are super affordable — not to mention extra-durable. Cover them with your fave stickers for a personalized touch.
16oz WM Pink – BPA Free, $9,

Who knew PB Teen sold water bottles? These two are stylish, whether you wanna go for spots or a groovy peace sign. Plus, you can get them monogrammed, which means you’ll never mix your sipper up with someone else’s.
Peace + Double Dot Water Bottles, $19 each,


by Bridget Runge | 2/1/2016