Nightmares, be gone: 5 tips to ditch bad dreams

Have you been having dreams of a bad guy chasing you down the street? Or about you and your family being lost at sea? Terrifying stuff, right? It's likely you've experienced bad dreams and nightmares like these since you were a little kid. Some psychologists even say that they're a natural part of growth. But if they become repetitive, they can cause problems such as insufficient sleep, poor exercise and stress, according to the Dream Studies Portal. If nightmares have taken over your beauty rest, here are some tips to get you back to a perf and peaceful night of sleep.

1. Don’t go to sleep after dealing with drama
Your mindset before you hop into bed can alter your dreams, so if you just dealt with something stressful, let yourself relax and cool down before trying to get some shut-eye. Don’t let the boy and BFF drama seep into your REM cycle.

2. Stick to a schedule
Try to skip those late night Netflix marathons and online shopping sprees because believe it or not, this affects whether you’ll have pleasant or unpleasant dreams. It's also a good idea to get the recommended amount of sleep a night for your age and try to keep the hours consistent, even on weekends.

3. No late snacking
We’ve all heard how unhealthy it is to eat late at night, but there's actual reasoning behind that caution. Certain foods take longer to digest so going to bed with a full stomach is no good and can even cause bad dreams. Eat your last meal or snack long enough before your bed time so that you can fully digest it.

4. Cut out scary movies and video games
Get rid of any images or portrayals of murder, violence or spooky spirits–it just makes sense that this kind of imagery will linger long after you hit the hay. Basically, going to bed after watching The Conjuring or American Horror Story, or playing Call of Duty is something you can and should do without.

5. Get in touch with your body
Start yoga, meditation or even just needed “me-time" before bed. Not only will it regulate your sleep schedule, but you’ll also feel more in tune with your own body.

How do you deal when you have a nightmare?


by Kristina Lee | 3/27/2018