Here's how to have the ultimate spa-inspired bath at home

Once reserved for the coldest of winter nights, the bath has emerged as liquid queen of the self-care routine. Whether you hope to chill before bed or get prepped for a big night out, here’s how to draw the dip of your dreams...


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Your Big Break
If you’re feeling grimy (hey, it happens!), hop in the shower to prep with a super quick rinse. OK, ready? We suggest blocking out a full 40 minutes (or even an hour) to make your bath a truly relaxing experience from start to finish. According to dermatologist Dr. Tsippora Shainhouse, your time in the tub should range from 10 minutes (if you have skin conditions like eczema) to 20 minutes (if your epidermis is pretty average). But blocking out a bigger chunk of time will allow you to prep right and chill out for a bit after you’ve warmed up. (More on that later.)

All About The Atmosphere
“Creating the right space for a bath is totally essential,” says Aarti Gala, founder of skincare brand Jiya Beauty. “I try to clear off the counters and bath shelves [even if it means just temporarily putting things away], dim the lights and light a candle or two.” We also like writing an intention on your mirror in a dry erase marker (or lipstick!) to get your mind in a positive place.

The Right Recipe
Is it weird that the elements that make your dinner taste better are key to boosting your bain? Kinda, but that doesn’t make it less true. A scoop of salt will help your muscles relax, but you need to balance it out with an oil. “Definitely add a moisturizing component to the bath, as hot water and salt alone can be drying and dehydrating,” Gala tells us. “Even just a dash of coconut oil or grapeseed oil will help.”

In Hot Water
We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: A steamy bath feels amazing, but can be way too harsh on your skin. “Hot water strips the natural oils on your skin that protect you from damaging weather and environmental irritants,” says Dr. Shainhouse. She recommends sticking to warm temps, then applying a lotion within three minutes of making your exit.

Zone Out
Given how much info you’re bombarded with all day, it can be nice to use your bath as a break from chaos. Meaning…no putting your BFF on speaker while you two hash out the events of the past 24 hours. Consider adding an eye mask to *really* chill. Ahh... 

3 big bath no-no's

It’s tempting to bring your iPad with you (playlists! books! snapping!), but it’s a splishsplash disaster waiting to happen. Unplug...literally.

Library Books
Even if you’re crazy careful, the warm water and your inevitably damp hands will cause those pages to warp. 

Your Kitten
So cute, you just want to take her everywhere…but wet fur = no fun.

Which of these tips are you stealing for your next soak sesh?


by GL | 5/22/2019