Body positive TikTokers we are *loving* rn

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If you have ever found yourself wishing that you looked more like the "perfect" girls on your For You page, we feel you. Social media has made it virtually *impossible* to avoid comparison, no matter how confident you may be.

In many ways, the media has taken strides to normalize normal bodies in recent years as plus-sized celebs like Ashley Graham and Lizzo have taken steps to shed light on the issue. There is still *so* much more work to be done, however. We are totally obsessed with how these TikTokers use their platforms to discuss and promote body positivity in fun and creative ways. 

Sienna Gomez


professional catfish😌😌

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Sienna Gomez, also known as @spicylatina, has gained millions of TikTok followers in just a few short weeks. After going viral for her realistic take on the WAP dance trend, Sienna has become the *queen* of making super empowering videos that feature her body at every angle—no matter how seemingly unflattering. Her fans (us included!) are in love with her sense of humor and silly dance moves. 

Victoria Garrick 


i’ve come a lonnngg way, be careful what you compare yourself to ##exposed

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Ever since her TED Talk blew up back in 2017, Victoria has been at the forefront of all things body positive on social media. After playing Division I volleyball for the University of Southern California, Victoria has gone on to find success as a body image educator and motivational speaker. We are *super* inspired by her story.

Anna O'Brien


Your opinion of yourself matters more than any comment from a stranger! ##loveyourself ##queensfixeachotherscrowns

♬ Bleeding Love - Leona Lewis

Anna O'Brien, more commonly known as @glitterandlazers on TikTok and Instagram, *always* slays with her sassy outfits and positive message. We can't get enough of her girlboss attitude and go-getter spirit! In addition to body positivity, Anna's TikToks feature amazing fashion and lifestyle content and we can't wait to see what she does next!

Clara Guillem 


Follow my IG for reality 🖤

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We are *huge* fans of Clara Guillem's optimistic energy, educational content, and motivational messages. In addition to her TikToks, Clara's iconic Instagram account features posts that show her best pics––and her least favorite. From relationship advice to wellness hacks, Clara is *definitely* our TikTok big sis. 

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by Alexandra Karr | 10/29/2020