5 mindful mantras to pick you up when you're feeling down

Taking care of your mental health is *so* important, and there are so many easy ways you can do it.

Taking time out of your day to focus on yourself and your feelings will help you relax and recharge. According to Help Guide, taking care of your mental health increases your ability to cope with stress, creates a sense of happiness, helps you learn new skills, betters your ability to form relationships and increases your overall confidence.

A simple—but effective!—way to practice self-care is to sit down, take some time for yourself and repeat these 5 mindful mantras to remind yourself how *amazing* you are.

"It's OK to not be OK."

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When you're feeling down, it's easy to think you're the only one in the world feeling this way. But the truth is everyone goes through times of sadness, anger, loneliness and more. It's ok if you just had a fight with your BFF and you need a good cry. You don't *always* have to feel happy all the time.

Experiencing a variety of emotions is natural. Say this mantra when you're feeling down to remind yourself feeling down is OK and it doesn't mean you will always feel this way.

"I matter."

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This one is short but powerful. You have so much to offer the world and there is already so much you have done. Each person you meet has been impacted by you in some way. Anything from giving outfit advice, a funny joke or comforting a friend in a time of need—your friends and family would not be who they are if it weren't for you.

All of your talents, hobbies, goofiness and personality traits matter *so* much to people. Say this mantra for when you're feeling lonely or try writing down things that matter to you.  This will help you remember that your friends and family value and appreciate you so much.

"I am loved."

Image: Hallie Kathryn

People might not say "I love you" that often, but that doesn't mean they don't love you. People have various ways of displaying their affection. It might be through a hug, a sweet note or a surprise coffee.

No matter how someone displays their love, just know that you are *so* loved. And don't forget, the team here at GL loves you! Say this mantra when you're feeling a bit neglected to remind yourself that you are indeed loved, you just might not hear the words.

"Tomorrow is a new day."


Whatever happened today will be in the past, so look forward to the future, because you can do whatever and be whoever you want.

Tomorrow brings in chances to start a new hobby, go for a run, try new food or spend quality time with your friends and family. Say this mantra when your day didn't go the way you expected it to and this will remind you that with every new day comes new opportunities. 

Take a deep breath

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OK, so it's not necessarily a mantra, but taking deep breaths is proven to promote relaxation and decrease anxieties. Try inhaling for three seconds and exhaling for five seconds. This will help you slow down and process your feelings. Deep breathing also has physical benefits. According to Harvard, deep breathing promotes full oxygen exchange and helps your muscles relax. This could even become part of your meditation routine. Say this mantra and then take a few nice long deep breaths until you feel calmer.

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by Lily Baker | 11/4/2020