What you *need* to know about the science behind good smells

Ahhh...that lavender-scented lotion always calms you down before bed. And when you're nervous about that big test, you spritz on some cinnamon bark perfume to give yourself a confidence boost.

Why is that? You may be surprised to know that there's actually a science behind these good smells; why some are good for relaxing and why others help pump you up. Understanding this science can help you pick the perfect scent to rock for different occasions, and can even help your mood. Let's dive into it!


Lavender is the perfect scent for when you need to calm down. It has a history of being used in relaxation situations—aromatherapy and massages—even medicinal use in treating anxiety. Lavender essential oil can help calm nerves and relax your mind, so try putting some on your pillow tomorrow night and observe the how well rested you are in the morning!


The tangy smell of citrus—lemons, grapefruit and oranges—can actually boost seratonin, your body's hormone that makes you happier. It's also linked to cleanliness, making it the perfect diffusing aroma for your room. 


The smell of peppermint will give your brain a little boost! Acting as a stimulant to your central nervous system, peppermint has been known to help with alertness and concentration. Dab on some pepperment essential oil before studying for your big history test to stay focused!


Studies have suggested that smelling cinnamon can improve memory and can help with drowsiness. Plus, its spicy-sweet aroma will *instantly* make you feel warm and cozy; perfect for the stormy nights outside! (Bonus: cinnamon pinecones are *perfect* decor for the holidays.)


The scent of vanilla is associated with hot summer days on the beach, grabbing ice cream cones with BFFs. But did you know that its smell can also help reduce stress and anxiety? Next time you're feeling tense, breathe in the sweet scent of vanilla—and let your mind wander back to those warm summer days.  

Whatever way, shape or form you like most, enjoy your yummy smells! 



by Elina Graham | 12/17/2020