How to start bullet journaling for a therapeutic getaway

Chances are, you've probably seen pictures of IG-worthy bullet journals on your social media feed lately. Bullet journaling has been around for years, but has only recently begun garnering the attention it deserves. So, what exactly is bullet journaling? And why do so many people do it? Keep reading to learn all of the benefits of bullet journaling, and why you should escape to bullet journal paradise, too.

Bullet journaling is not your typical form of journaling—it's way more fun. Bullet journaling allows you to organize your thoughts in a fun way using a combination of words, pictures and charts. There are no rules when it comes to bullet journaling—you just have to get creative. Bullet journaling is usually done in a dotted notebook (hence the name), however bullet journals can be made out of any paper you have sitting around. Ready to get started? All you'll need is some imagination, pretty pens and a little bit of inspiration. 

It is *super* simple to start bullet journaling. Once you compile all of the supplies you need, find some inspiration for your journal pages. An easy way to do this is to check out social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. Just search "bullet journal" and see what speaks to you.

As you are on your inspo search, take note of the types of pages you see that you want to include in your journal. Some common bullet journal entries are calendars, mood trackers and even seasonal playlists. Once you've found inspiration on Pinterest or Instagram, and then personalize your journal with your own entries.

Bullet journaling is not just a fun activity, it's also a hobby that you can reap amazing benefits from. One of the biggest benefits that comes along with bullet journaling is organization. By keeping a bullet journal, you are able to keep track of all your plans, thoughts and dreams in a creative way. By having this means of organization, your productivity will also increase. By organizing your plans and tasks in a new exciting way, you might actually be motivated to get that homework assignment done (or finally clean your room, if you're feeling that motivated). 

Bullet journaling can also be a great way to de-stress. Coloring and designing journal pages is super relaxing and can transport your mind away from the stress of every day life. Use it as an outlet to turn whatever is taking up too much space in your mind into a beautiful work of art. Upcoming test making you nervous? Create a bullet journal page that makes studying fun. Not feeling the best today? Note that on a mood-tracking page and move on with your day. Getting stressors out of your head and into a bullet journal will help you become more relaxed and allow only the important things to live in your mind rent free. 

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by Paige Mountain and Serena Sherwood | 6/25/2021