The ultimate guide to improving your sleep schedule this summer

Creating a realistic and manageable sleep schedule can be, well, let's face it, a total snooze. After all, who doesn't love the fun of late summer nights spent around the campfire? Here at GL, we've come up with five full-proof ways to make sure you're enjoying every second of summer vacay—while still making time for a full night's rest. Read on for our top tips on how to sleep better without having to count any sheep. 

1. Wake up at the same time every day.

Nobody likes getting up early, especially after months of waking up with (or before) the sun for school. Summer is a great time to catch up on sleep, but a long game of catch-up isn't the best way to create a healthy sleep sched. Pick a realistic goal for when you want to wake up each morning, then give yourself a thirty-minute window around that time in case you need a few extra minutes of ZZZ's. For example, if you want to wake up at nine every morning, make your wakeup window 8:45 to 9:15. This way, your body can begin to adjust to a new—but totally manageable—routine.

2. Have a set bedtime.

Staying up late is one of the best parts of summer vacay: Night swimming, fireworks and did we mention making s'mores?! Allow yourself to enjoy all of your fave summer night traditions, but make sure that you're going to bed at a reasonable hour at least five nights a week. Pick a time that allows you to get in those precious eight hours, and then challenge yourself to stick to that goal as much as possible. And on those nights when you do stay up late with the fam, enjoy every second of summer memories being made.

3. Get active. 

One of the best ways to guarantee a good night's rest is to get in some exercise during the day. Whether you're at the gym, going for a run or just taking a walk around the neighborhood with mom, try to incorporate some fun physical activity into your day. Fresh air is the *key* to falling (and staying) asleep. 

4. Keep your sleep space calm. 

Having a clean and decluttered bedroom is a major way to improve your sleep schedule. Does this mean you have to clean every inch of your room before bed every night? Of course not! Instead, focus on keeping your bed space tidy. Fold the pile of clothes that's been chilling on the edge of your bed and take those empty water bottles on your nightstand into the kitchen. The less cluttered your bed area, the better. 

5. Know what works for *you*.

Everyone's body is different, and that's something to celebrate! Honor your own sleep preferences and hold yourself accountable for making sure that you listen to what you really need. Maybe you love the smell of lavender and want to incorporate some essential oils into your bedtime routine. Or maybe you just need some time before you turn the light out to journal, read or meditate. Find out what helps you relax and use those things to create a totally unique bedtime routine.

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by Lena Genovese | 7/12/2021