We found an essential oil for ~every~ mood

Have you ever wished there was a quick fix to your everyday problems? Or a magical (and natural) potion to instantly boost your mood? Lucky for you, there is! Essential oils, the relaxing scents used for aromatherapy, are *completely* natural and safe instant mood shifters that can keep you happy and stress-free. When smelling different scents, a part of the brain that deals with emotions (called the amygdala) fires up, which is why essential oils can have such a large effect on the way we feel. Essential oils are scented oils that come in *so* many different types and scents, and you can use them in any way that works for Y-O-U (you can rub them on your wrists or feet, drop some into a diffuser or a relaxing bath, put some on your pillow... the possibilities are endless). We've rounded up the best essential oils for ~every~ mood (because it's time to put that stress to rest, bb)!

Stress: Lavender

Ahhh lavender...just thinking about this sweet scent brings a sense of warmth and comfort. Cramming for an exam? Stressing about a fight you had with your bestie? Rub some lavender on your wrists and let all your worries float away as you mentally transport yourself to a blissful lavender field.

Sadness: Eucalyptus 

Sadness is a universal feeling...whether you're experiencing it because of something small or something big, we all know and hate the feeling of misery in the pit of your stomach that comes with being sad. Sometimes, sadness is not something that baking with your bestie or playing with your pup can fix. Use some minty and sharp eucalyptus to refresh, recharge and relax.

Fatigue: Peppermint

Finding yourself falling asleep during the day? Hitting the snooze button daily? We've *all* been there...sleep deprivation is serious; according to, the average amount of sleep teens get is between 7 and 7 1/4 hours of sleep when they need between 9 and 9 1/2 hours of sleep. Needing to get through the day while running on not enough sleep is hard. Use peppermint to temporarily refresh and wake up (as long as you promise to go to bed earlier tonight)!

Happiness: Lemon

Essential oils don't only need to be used as pick-me-ups, but if you're already feeling good they can be used to amplify those feelings and keep you feeling that way. In a happy, dance party type of mood? Time for lemon-scented essential oils (plus, lemon is a natural insect repellent—perf for those outdoor summer evenings)!

Confidence: Rosemary

Rosemary gives off *total* queen energy and we're here for it. If you need an extra boost of confidence (first day of school nerves, anyone?) sweet and slightly woody rosemary is your way to go!

Anxiety: Chamomile

We've all heard of the relaxing sleepy chamomile tea...but what about using the oil? Rubbing some chamomile onto your pillow before bed can have the same effects as the tea, and can help battle insomnia. Whether you're about to present your school project or just texted your crush confessing your feelings, chamomile can make you feel *super* calm whenever you're anxious.

Anger: Orange

Your sibs are being *extra* needy today, your teach refuses to give you extra credit, you got into an argument with your parents...we all have those days where it seems like everything is going downhill. We all feel angry sometimes, and when we don't deal with our anger fast, things can take a turn for the worse. Before you let your anger get the best of you, smell some orange-scented oil to be instantly transported to a tropical, anger-free zone.

Calm: Tea Tree

If you're manifesting totally zen energy, use some tea tree oil. Pampering yourself by having an ultra-calm spa day? Opt for putting some in a relaxing bath, do a guided meditation, and voila! You'll instantly be transported to a relaxed state of mind.

Joy: Jasmine 

That feeling you get when you have a creative burst and *finally* finish that project you started months ago? That's what jasmine promotes. Jasmine= joy, delight and peace.

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by Eva Mandelbaum | 7/14/2021