5 simple steps to a stress-free spring

Ah, spring. The temps are rising, and chances are, your stress level is probably rising as well. Between second-semester struggles, trying to figure out summer plans (internship or summer camp?), and the general pressures of life, it may be hard to appreciate the warm days and blooming flowers. We've rounded up the best ways to reduce your stress and enjoy your spring szn. Right this way for some much-needed zen...

1. Spend time outside

This one is simple enough: The weather is getting nicer, so take 15 minutes out of your day to soak up the sun or go on a walk. Not only will this give you more energy, but taking time to relax in nature will help you feel more calm and composed. 

2. Say "no" more often

While it's always hard to tell someone no, setting boundaries for what you can and cannot do will help you diminish your workload and give you more time to chill. If you're getting super stressed about studying for your chemistry test, pass on the offer to help run the prom committee—unless it's something you *actually* want to do. 

3. Make a playlist full of happy vibes

Yes, this counts! Cue up some Taylor Swift on your daily drive and let the good vibes flow. P.S. Check out our Spotify for all of our favorite recs! The best spring playlist is right HERE

4. Talk it out

If there's something that's really irritating you, don't shy away from a good rant. Your friends will not only empathize with your situation, but they also probably have some advice that will help. Schedule a FaceTime sesh will all your BFFs and spend an afternoon catching up with each other!

5. Start a healthy habit

While external stressors (school, friends, family) can leave you frazzled, your emotions are often impacted by how you feel health-wise. If you're constantly feeling overwhelmed, it might be a sign that you need to adjust your habits in order to feel better. Pick one area to improve on, and use this spring as a time to update your wellness routine. Whether it's sleeping eight hours a night, making sure you're eating three meals a day or spending more time being active, these habits can help you regulate your stress levels. 

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by Serena Sherwood | 3/7/2022