4 easy ways to improve your sleep schedule in 2022

Waking up for school after watching TikToks all night isn't fun, but have no fear—there are easy ways to improve your sleep schedule. There are *so* many benefits to getting a full night's rest. Not only does it help your mental health, but it also makes being productive and present a lot easier. Whether you still haven't adjusted to going to bed early again after winter break or you've just always been a night owl, we have four easy ways to improve your sleep sched this year.

Avoid afternoon naps and caffeine 

We all know how delish an after-school coffee can taste, but getting a good amount of sleep is even better. Caffeine can keep you up all night, so it's best to stop drinking it at least six hours before bed. Long naps also have a similar effect. Next time, ditch the coffee and the afternoon zzz's. (Water and a 30-minute power nap can be even more refreshing!)

Try meditation

As mundane as it seems when you first start meditating, the huge benefits associated with meditation are totally worth it! Meditation improves your mental health *and* your sleep schedule, so it's definitely something you'll want to add to your routine. Trying a body-scan meditation is helpful to decrease tension in your body, and less tension = more sleep. 

Limit phone usage before bed

Checking your social media or texting friends late at night might be fun. But let's be honest: It's taking away precious hours of sleep. The blue light from phones and computers lessens melatonin production, which affects sleep. In other words, the more you scroll, the harder it is to fall asleep and wake up the next day. TikTok will still be there tomorrow—so save your scrolling for then.

Try relaxing showers or baths

Obvi, who doesn't love to take a warm shower to wind down after a long day? You can start calming down by using a soothing scented body wash. Try incorporating lavender smells into your nighttime routine for maximum zen.

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by Kelly Schwint | 2/21/2022