Here's why napping is actually good for you

Whether you recall despising naptime as a toddler or you take regular naps before starting your HW every day, napping is something we've *all* done before. Taking a power nap after a long day of school seems like the perfect way to destress and unwind, but for some reason, there is a stigma (and some guilt) around napping. Is hitting the hay a waste of time? Can napping actually mess with your sleep schedule?  

We're here to let you know that not only is napping a great way to calm down, but it's also super common *and* encouraged by healthcare professionals. In fact, napping plays a big part in many cultures (think: siestas or afternoon rests in Mexico, Spain and Greece). This is your sign to take more naps. Here's why it's time to normalize nap culture.

Naps reduce daytime sleepiness

If you're feeling exhausted after a long school day and you just know you're going to be falling asleep during soccer practice later, consider taking a nap! If you time it correctly, napping can leave you with more energy than you had than when you drifted off. You'll feel more alert, reenergized and ready to concentrate after catching some zzz's.

Napping can boost performance 

Napping is basically a superpower! It can improve your memory *and* boost your reaction time. So if the idea of memorizing trig formulas seems unbearable, opt for a nap—your study sesh will be way more productive. 

Naps swap stress for zen 

Naps are proven to be *instant* mood boosters. Not in the mood to start your stacks of schoolwork after a stressful day? Girl, take a nap! Afterward, you'll definitely be feeling stronger and happier...and totally read to face those chem textbooks.

How to nap the right way 

Here's something to note: Napping can make you even more tired if you don't time it correctly. According to, 20 is the magic number for naps. A 20-minute power nap allows your mind and body the rest it needs without entering the deeper stages of sleep that could result in sleep inertia (feeling groggy or disoriented after a nap). Also, consider napping before 2 p.m., so your naps don't impact your regular sleep schedule! 

So...what are you waiting for?! Go cozy up with a blanket and let yourself unwind with a 20-minute power nap! We know you're going to feel absolutely *amaze* after. 

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by Eva Mandelbaum | 3/15/2022