These confidence-boosting influencers will brighten up your feed

It is almost summer, and even though we are super excited about beach days, warm weather and free time, summer can also bring up a lot of insecurities, especially surrounding body image. It can be challenging to feel confident when social media is flooded with unrealistic body expectations and edited photos. Luckily, there are ways to curate your social media to set you up for a healthy mindset. So unfollow anyone who makes you feel insecure, and follow one of these influencers instead. 

1. Victoria Browne: @victoriabrowne


Victoria Browne is a former D1 volleyball player for the University of Southern California. Her content focuses on building a better body image, eating disorder awareness and healthy habits. A former collegiate athlete, Victoria has a unique perspective on body image and positivity. She is also the founder and CEO of The Hidden Opponent, a nonprofit that supports the mental health of student athletes. Victoria is also a massive swiftie who loves to post about all things Taylor Swift! 

2. Simi Moonlight: @simimoonlight


Simi's content focuses on building confidence through fashion and style. She describes herself as "your stylish big sis," and she lives up to it. She also posts about mental health and wellness, fitness and all of her super cool travel locations. Simi proves that you don't have to change anything about yourself to be an It girl.

3. Julie and Camilla Lorentzen: @julievlorentzen & @camillalor


This couple from Norway has gained TikTok fame by posting about feeling empowered while exercising, being comfortable in your body and their experiences as an LGBTQ+ couple. They emphasize the importance of exercising to build strength and take care of your mental and physical health. The couple founded Mila Movement, a fitness app that focuses on workouts to help you feel your best.

4. Brittani Lancaster : @brittanilancaster


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Brittani gained TikTok fame after her "what I eat in a day" videos went viral, where she shows a full day of balanced eating in eating disorder recovery. She also discusses unrealistic beauty standards and shares her running journey. She ran her first marathon last year.

Top and slider image: @victoriabrowne


by Alex Marek | 5/30/2024