We Tried It: Under Armour Tornado Tights

I have a thing for spandex, so I was super excited when the folks at Under Armour offered to send me a pair of Tornado Tights. These second-skin pants are designed to keep you warm when temps drop below 55-degrees, which is practically daily now that it’s almost December.

I tried these tights on an early morning jog and didn’t feel the near-freezing temps. They were definitely a major step up from sweats—their wicking ways were evident within a few minutes. I was wearing a t-shirt and that stuck to me, but no such prob on my legs. They were more substantial than my last pair of spandex, which was appreciated (who wants to jiggle while jogging?).

I believe in paying for quality, but these pants cost a pretty penny ($60, If you’re constantly working out in the cold (think: late fall soccer practices, early spring lacrosse, winter jogging) you might wanna add these to your wish list. I get a kick out of running in the wickedly cold weather and can’t live without running tights. For me, these are a must.

-Katie Abbondanza 
by GL | 2/1/2016