We Tried It: Under Armour Illusions Runners

Buying a new pair of running shoes isn’t exactly tops on my list of to-dos. I always have trouble parting with the last pair. We’ve covered so many miles together, run fun races and gone traipsing through the woods. They’re like an old friend, ya know?
Last month, Under Armour sent over a pair of Illusions from their brand-new running shoe line, which made retiring the oldies but goodies slightly easier.
Within the first mile of testing the new pair, I was smitten with the crazy amounts of cushioning. They weren’t too smooshy, but gave my feet a break from the pounding pavement. And even though they were lighter than my last pair (they are super mesh-y), there was still plenty of support. Def a good balance.
The downside? The Illusions are kinda pricey so if you’re just starting jogging, $95 may be more than you wanna spend. Plus every runner is diff so what works for one girl (ie, these are great for my flat-footed jogging style) might not be the best for someone else. Check out for more info.

By: Katie Abbondanza 


by GL | 2/1/2016