We Tried It: DWTS Cardio Dance

I love to dance and am obsessed with DWTS Season 8, so I decided to check out Dancing With The Stars Cardio Dance. It seemed like the perfect way to get me to reenergize and spice up a boring Sunday afternoon. I was eager to try something new and hopefully learn the steps with ease—just like this season’s Melissa Rycroft. Now instead of trying to mimic the moves of this season’s pros (especially Julianne Hough—love her!), I could learn basic choreography and tighten my abs at the same time. Obvi, a great combo.
The DVD has the Dancing With The Stars pros teaching routines that are broken down into diff categories (think: cha cha, mambo and the jive-just to name a few). There’s no partner necessary (perf!). The dancers go over choreography and also teach the proper stretches to prepare you for the routines.
My fave part of the DVD was that you could select the workouts you were most interested in and choose the length of time to exercise. While you have the option of going for a whole hour, you can split it up into intervals (which is totally what I did, c’mon it’s tiring!).
If you have no dance experience, it may be a bit challenging to pick up on the steps at first. As long as you are patient and committed, you’ll have a blast (whether you love to shake and twist or you find it entertaining when you and the girlies goof up the steps). Dancing With The Stars Cardio Dance is a fun way kick your workout’s snooze factor and mix up your routine!  


by GL | 2/1/2016