WE TRIED IT: H2.O water bottle

Everyone in the office knows that I'm never without my trusty water bottle. Since I drink so much water a day, I did away with pesky plastic water bottles a while back (sooo bad for the earth!). But my everyday, refillable was getting a li'l old and clunky, so I was psyched to try H2.O's new version!

The coolest thing about this water bottle is the built-in filtration system. I swear by my Brita at home, and the H2.O comes with its very own filter. All ya gotta do is pop the filter in and it'll purify the tap water in just a few seconds. So cool! Even better? It actually enhances the water for better absorption and hydration.

If ya don't already have a water bottle, I would def recommend picking up an H2.O. It's a great way to save major moolah on all the water bottles you carry to class every week, AND save the environment. The built-in filter is SUCH a great bonus because you can bring it everywhere!

-Cait Rohan 


by GL | 2/1/2016