6 ways to motivate yourself to work out this winter

Believe it or not, it's already Decemberwhich means the cold winter weather and holidays are fast approaching. It's easy to skip a workout (or two...or more) this time of year. Nonetheless, it is still important to do your best to remain healthy throughout the winter season. Here are some tips that will keep you motivated even when it's freezing outside.

Set a goal *now*
Don't wait until New Year's to make your workout resolution. Rather, make a plan now and celebrate your progress on New Year's where you can then set another new goal.

Break out of your routine
Bored with the same old, same old? Bundle up and try a new fun activity, such as snowshoeing or ice skating. Both pushing your way through snow and balancing on skates are great leg strengtheners that, well, don't even feel like workouts.

Keep it inside
No one likes being cold and sometimes, it's even dangerous to exercise outdoors if the temps are super low. Try an at-home routine, insteadthere are plenty of free exercises that you can find on YouTube that require little to no equipment. We especially heart the ones from Blogilates.

Grab a friend
Having your bestie to talk to will make your workout ten times more enjoyable. Plus, you can motivate each other to try your best.

Stay positive
Remind yourself why you want to workout. Exercising has been proven to not only help you become stronger, but to boost the serotonin levels in your body to help you stay happy and relaxed.

Be kind to yourself
You don't have to constantly be pushing yourself. Over-exercising is only going to wear you down and make you feel less motivated. It's okay to chill and enjoy some holiday treats. Do what feels right for your body and makes you happy.

How do *you* work out in the winter? Share below! 

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by Hayley Anderson | 12/12/2017