Nama-stay in shape: Why you should add yoga to your schedule

Anyone else feeling unmotivated to work out right now?

Gyms are closed, sports are postponed, and it's hard to do weekly runs with your BFF while maintaining a safe distance. Plus, after hours and hours of Zoom class, it's just so much easier to snuggle with your pooch on the couch and rewatch Never Have I Ever than pull on your Nikes and go work out. 

But it's *so* important to get your exercise in. It doesn't even have to be a Serena Williams-worthy workout— all you need is something small to get you moving.

That's why we *totally* recommend yoga. Not only is it an excuse to wear your cutest lululemon leggings, but yoga has so many positives.

Of course it can help with flexibility, but did you know it can also help with posture, endurance, breathing and stress?

And yoga is great for mindfulness. Mindfulness, a meditative state where you're focused on being aware of what you're feeling in the moment, can help us look inward. It gives us a chance to check in with ourselves, see how we're really feeling. While introspection is always important, it is especially so right now, when most of us are spending a *lot* more time alone with our thoughts. Mindfulness helps increase self control, patience and concentration. 

There's *lots* of different types of yoga that target exactly what you're looking for.

If you're looking to unwind, try relaxation yoga. Doing a few of these poses will help you sleep better at night, and are the perfect break in between Zoom classes. Let go of all stressful thoughts, and enjoy feeling the calmness that comes from these sessions.

If you want to focus on a particular body part— that rolled ankle has been feeling off for days!— try looking at poses that target that body part. There's no better solution to a sore body than a stretch session. Just make sure to avoid overexertion, and don't do any poses that hurt!

And power yoga is the best for making you sweat! Doing a few sessions of this a week will build your stamina. Whereas traditional yoga is more focused on meditation and mindfulness, power yoga is more intense and focuses more on building strength. This is perfect if you're looking to burn calories and get a cardio workout. 

Not only are there lots of categories within yoga, there's also a *huge* range in teachers! Look around YouTube to find your perfect fit. And bonus: tons of classes are free! 

The biggest draw of yoga for me is that it's *so* easy! I'm so unmotivated to go exercise because in my mind, exercise has to be a big event. While sometimes it is— I'm so jealous of the gals who can go run on the treadmill for hours and think nothing of it— it could be as easy as playing a couple rounds of Just Dance with your little sister. That's why yoga appeals to me so much: Stretching for 5 or 10 minutes is just *so* manageable. Now I look forward to my morning yoga sessions, and throughout the day, will often find myself doing a few stretches just out of habit.

The hardest part is starting, but once you have a routine (studies show that doing something three days in a row makes it a habit!) you're set. 

You got this, girl. Namaste!


by Elina Graham | 10/5/2020