Yoga with a twist: The *best* pilates workouts under 30 minutes

Whether it's the strength-building addition after your cardio or on its own as meditation, yoga focuses on strengthening and gentle movement *without* the stressful feeling of trying to navigate complicated exercise sets.

Pilates, a sister-like workout, is the perfect middle ground that takes the relaxation of yoga and adds a little extra heat and sweat. Looking for a fast exercise reset? We have a pilates workout for *all* of your needs.

When you're in a pinch

With everything regarding our bodies, being intuitive is key. Listening to your body when it is tired is so important. On a day when you feel burnt out but need an extra push, try this 15-minute workout to burn a quick sweat.

When you want a challenge

If you're looking for a low-impact workout that is still super challenging, this workout is perfect! In just 30 minutes, these exercises get your whole body *fired* up, and the lively instructor keeps you motivated to push through.

When it's leg day

As the saying goes, "Every day is leg day." When it's time to strengthen those legs and fire up those glutes, this short and effective workout is for you. It targets all the lower body muscles to make those legs *super* strong.

When you're ready to burn

Keeping a strong core has *so* many benefits, but we all know how rough ab workouts are. When you're up for the challenge to work those abs and strengthen abdominal muscles, this workout will give you the burn.

When you're ready to flex

It feels like arms aren't the focus these days, so it's important that we don't *totally* leave them out of our routine. This 5-minute workout gets the job done in enough time before you decide to quit.

When you need a break

Workouts are excellent for our physical and mental health, but they can take a toll on our energy. Whether you just finished a hefty workout sesh, or you need a quick breather on your day off, this 10-minute cool-down will relax your body and prevent soreness in your muscles.

Hopefully, this inspo will motivate you to do some feel-good exercises and get a solid workout routine in motion. Just remember: Listen to your body and what it needs for today. 

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by Eres Croker | 1/16/2021