Dear Carol

"Help! How do I tell my camp crush I like him?"

Dear Carol,

I really like this boy from camp, and he is also my best guy friend. Next year, he is not going back to camp. How do I tell him I like him without making it weird?

Camp Crush

Dear Camp Crush,

Do you need to tell him? Can you show him with your eyes or smile? Perhaps he’s already guessed that you like him. Telling someone can backfire, but if he always pays attention to you and you feel he’d welcome your declaration, wait for a one-on-one moment, maybe toward the end of camp, and say, “I’ve really liked spending time with you.” And see how he responds. There’s no law against a blunt “I like you. Do you like me?” but subtlety allows you an escape clause in case he isn’t ready to announce that his feelings are mutual. Finally, get his number. Uh-oh, it’s too late for a face-to-face? Don’t obsess or pine away. Just enjoy the memories.

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by Carol Weston | 7/13/2016