Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, I think I crushed my chances with my crush"

Dear Carol,
Last weekend at a party, my friend kept pressuring my crush to ask me out. I think he was getting aggravated, so I made her try to make things better by explaining to him that she was just joking. He understood, and I ended up getting his number from his friend. He knows I like him and I know he likes me, so I texted him that night explaining that I would date him later on this year, just not right now. Was this stupid? If so, how can I make things better? I want to get to know him better so I have the option to date him.

Dear Crushed,
Let's not use the word "stupid." But let's look at this party from his point of view. Your friend kept bugging him to ask you out, then said it was a joke. Then you texted him and said you didn't want to date him now. Where does that leave your crush? Confused! And maybe thinking that all the drama isn't worth it. Going forward, stick with a tried and true technique: honesty. Next time you see him, give him a big hi, look into his eyes and say, "How's it going?"

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by GL | 1/3/2019