Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, I'm moving to a new school next year and I'm scared"

Dear Carol,
I'm freaking out. School's almost over and normally I'd be psyched. But next fall, my parents are making me go to a different district. It's completely unfair. I will be leaving the people I love, and I don't feel like starting over and making new friends. I know my friends and I will still see each other, but still. What if I can't change my parents' minds?
—Can't Leave My Friends

Dear Can't Leave My Friends,
If you can't change their minds, then open yours. Every crisis is new oportunity, and just as you were able to make friends at your old school, you'll be able to make friends at your next school—and at college and on the job when that comes, too. In the fall, go out for a sport or theater or student government or do whatever activities will help you meet people who like the things you like. Make time to keep in touch with your old friends, too.

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by Dear Carol | 4/2/2019