Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, how do I tell my mom that my career goals changed?"

Dear Carol,

A while ago, I figured out that I might want to be a cosmetologist. I told my mom and she thought it was a great idea. But now I know what I *truly* want to be...and it's totally different. My mom doesn't know I changed my mind, and I'm afraid to tell her I want to follow my passion.

- Future Job

Dear Carol,

You don't have to decide your future just yet. Beauty is fun, but so are many different pursuits. Stay in school, and ideas and opportunities will keep coming. Is there anything you like to do for hours or days on end? Notice this. (I'd kept dozens of diaries before I realized that I wanted to be a writer.) For now, say, "Mom, I appreciate your support, and I like that we can talk about my career ideas—but they keep changing." She wants the best for you, so keep dreaming and put in the work to make those goals happen.

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by GL | 6/9/2022