Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, my long-distance boyfriend barely texts me"

Dear Carol, 

My boyfriend lives 15 hours away but visits every summer. He makes me really happy. He left two weeks ago. He barely texts me, but sometimes we talk at night. It bothers me when he doesn't call. I miss him and I constantly tell him that, but I feel like I'm just being annoying. I love him, but feel like he doesn't care. Am I being paranoid?

- Long-Distance Boyfriend

Dear Long-Distance Boyfriend,

You say he makes you happy, but this is making you unhappy, too. You won't see each other again until next summer? That's a long time, and it would be hard to make this relationship work even if you were both equally committed. Rather than asking yourself if you're being paranoid, ask yourself whether you truly want to put your love life on hold—especially when he's not texting or calling much. Listen, I could advise, "Text him something cheery instead of, 'You nevvvvvver callllll." But the better advice is: When the writing is on the wall, read it. He was an important chapter in your life, but it may be time to seek out someone wonderful who lives closer—and texts back.

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by GL | 8/30/2022