Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, I think my BFF is sabotaging me on purpose"

Dear Carol,

I really like this guy, and my best friend knows it. We were at a sleepover when she took my phone and started Snapping my crush. She told him I like him—and, to my surprise, he likes me back but then said he's not looking for a relationship. I was so upset, but there was nothing I could really do. That was a few days ago and I haven't talked to my best friend since. The guy and I are acting like nothing happened. What hurts the most is that I think she sabotaged me on purpose.

- All Kinds Of Drama

Dear All Kinds of Drama,

OK, there's a lot to unpack here. First off, the guy you like likes you back. So that's nice, right? Start up conversations with him about school, movies, music or holiday plans. If it feels right, you can even say that you wish your friend hadn't spoken for you. As for your BFF, can you tell her this, too? Her move was out of line. Say, "I'm still upset that you Snapped my crush. You wouldn't like it if I Snapped yours." If she balks or steps on your toes again, know that she's probably not as trustworthy as you'd like. And remind yourself that there are way more than the three of you in the world. Often when you take a step back, it helps you figure out how to go forward.

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by GL | 12/1/2022