Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, my boyfriend and my BFF betrayed me"

Dear Carol,

Recently, I found out my BF of one year was cheating on me with my best friend of six years. She didn't apologize and I ditched them both. But I feel so stupid for what happened—and I don't have many other friends.

- Doubly Betrayed

Dear Doubly Betrayed,

Whoa, I'm so sorry. That stinks! Sometimes BFFs hear so many good things about BFs (and BFs hear so many good things about BFFs) that lines get crossed. Obviously, their betrayal is not OK—and I don't blame you for ditching them both. My hope is that this won't sink your confidence or faith in relationships. Not every romance is meant to last forever. Your best move now is to dust yourself off, make this a great new school year and keep doing things you love. Don't feel stupid. You were trusting—and it's good to be trusting. I promise there will be wonderful relationships in your future.

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by GL | 10/21/2022