Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, should I start a relationship even if it won't last?"

Dear Carol,

This spring, I became friends with this guy. A couple months later, I started crushing on him. Then he started liking me and we became super close. We hold hands a lot, and he turned down other girls for me. But then he started acting weird. I confronted him, and he said he just found out that he's moving to a different state soon. He told me he isn't sure if I'll be willing to "waste my time" on him anymore. I'm filled with dread. I love him, and I know that I shouldn't. We haven't even really started dating, but my heart is already broken.

- Love (?) With A Time Limit

Dear Love (?) With A Time Limit,

It's good you have your eyes open, but since you two have come this far, I'm thinking: Go for it. There's a lot to be said for a summer romance with a person you really care about. Why not enjoy the time you have left together in the same place? If you let the opportunity slide, you might regret it. Granted, if you two end up sharing a kiss, it may feel bittersweet. But that's OK, right? Some people like bittersweet chocolate best of all. One more thing: While he may be your first boyfriend, he won't be your last. Broken hearts have a way of healing.

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by GL | 9/7/2022