Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, My best friend and I are crushing on the same guy"

Dear Carol,

I have had a crush on a guy for over three years—and I just learned today that my best friend has a crush on him, too. I think he might like me more than her, and I don't know how to tell her. Also, how do I tell him I like him?

- We Both Like Him

Dear We Both Like Him,

Three years! Did you and your BFF never talk about this? Look, crushes are fun, but friendships matter, too. I'm still really close friends with the girl who lived next to me in high school, whereas the boy I went out with? Haven't seen him in ages. So protect that friendship. In fact, no, I wouldn't tell her you think he likes you more, especially since you are all still figuring everything out. You could talk to her about how you both think he's nice and if he ever likes one of you back, you can vow not to let it mess up your friendship. Don't forget that there are other guys out there, too. And, to be honest, lots of other things to think about.

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by GL | 3/13/2023