Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, How do I stay in touch with my crush?"

Dear Carol,

I have a crush on someone I only see on New Year's Eve (we both go to the same party with our parents). He's the nicest person I know, and we hit it off every year. I decided that this year I want to stay in contact with him. The problem? I don't have his number...but my parents do have his parents' address. What should I do?

- Holiday Lovin'

Dear Holiday Lovin',

Easy one. Write him a funny card (bonus points if it ties to something you guys always chat about) saying it was fun to see him, you're wishing him a good spring and you don't have his number, so you figured you'd write. You don't want to come on too strong, but why not remind him of the girl who hasn't forgotten him? I bet he hasn't forgotten you either.

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by GL | 1/24/2023