Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, my crush knows I like him—but he doesn't like me back."

Dear Carol, 

I had this crush and his friend kept asking me who my crush is. I never wanted to tell him. However, I did tell my friends I like my crush. At the time, my crush liked another girl but sometimes seemed as if he was flirting with me. Two weeks ago, my crush came over and said he knew who I liked. It made me think he liked me back. The next day, I was texting with one of my friends, and we decided that it would be best if she just asked my crush if he liked me. She asked, but he said no. Ever since, we haven't talked much. We smile sometimes, but I am devastated. It hurts to have someone say they don't like you.

- Crushed

Dear Crushed, 

OK, that's an awful lot of asking around. It's simpler not to involve so many people. And sometimes, even when it's clear that a guy likes you, he may not want to say so out loud to you or anyone else. In short, go-betweens can be helpful, but they often muddy the waters. Since you and he are still smiling at each other, try to enjoy this rather than being sad that he didn't jump to go public with private feelings. You didn't either, right? And with reason. My main suggestion is to step one foot back and notice all the other people who deserve your attention. 

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by GL | 4/12/2022