Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, should I confess to my long-distance crush?"

Dear Carol,

I have liked this guy since I was 6 years old. We're friends, but he lives kind of far away. We see each other every other month. I really like him, and I want to tell him. Should I do it now and risk that if he likes me and we date now, it won't last...or should I wait a year and a half and ask him to my prom and hope he gets the hint? He has shown signs of liking me back. If I wait, I'm scared he will have a girlfriend by then. 

- Waiting Game

Dear Waiting Game,

A year and a half? Whoa. By then, your own feelings may have changed. Or you may have met someone who lives closer. Instead of planning so far in the future, enjoy the present. You and he can talk and joke and even flirt without your having to go out on a limb. Since he has already shown signs of liking you back, instead of saying, "I like you. Do you like me?" why not assume, for now, that he does indeed enjoy hanging out with you as much as you enjoy hanging out with him? Feeling brave? Next time you're next to each other, sit extra close or casually brush against his arm and see if he backs off or reciprocates. But my mantra is: Don't rush your crush. Many nice boys are shy and want to take their time. 

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by GL | 6/1/2022