Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, There are aren't *any* guys at my school for me to date"

Dear Carol,

My friends and I go to a performing arts high school, and it’s full of guys who like other guys, not girls. All of us are struggling to find potential boyfriends or even people to crush on. How do we meet more available boys?

- No Cute Guys

Dear No Cute Guys,

Look at it this way: Many high school romances prove fleeting, while the best high school friendships can last forever. Right now, you’re bonding with people who share your talents and passions. Who knows? You might end up recommending each other for parts on Broadway or in Hollywood—and having the fun of saying you knew each other way back when. As for meeting guys who are open to dating girls, get out in the world. Sit in a coffee shop. Go bowling or hiking or rock climbing or skiing with friends. Volunteer at the park cleanup. Join a youth group or book club. There are good guys out there hoping to meet you. Does someone in your friend group have a brother or cousin or neighbor who has some guy friends? Probably. Can you help throw a party and get some matchmaking started? Hmm, maybe on Valentine’s Day?

Carol Weston is the author of 16 books including Speed of Life, her novel (and audiobook) about a 14-year-old girl who writes to an advice columnist. Learn more at, and follow her on Instagram @carolwestonnyc.

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by GL | 2/1/2024