Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, My mom keeps invading my privacy"

Dear Carol,

My mom keeps coming into the basement and invading my privacy and irritating me. And she can’t be trusted (she once came into my room and stole my bank card). I wanted to live with my dad, but my mom took me away from him, saying he was a bad person.

- My Mom Invades My Privacy

Dear My Mom Invades My Privacy,

Wow, I’m sorry that things are so difficult. When I first started writing for girls, I assumed that all parents were reasonable and well-meaning and wanted the very best for their kids. Now, after answering tens of thousands of letters, I’m all too aware that some parents have very big struggles that can make adolescence extra challenging for their kids. You are not alone. Is there a nearby counselor, teacher, relative or clergyperson you can talk to? A friend’s parent? Is there a member of your dad’s family who can help you better understand the situation with him? You can also text HOME to 741741 to connect with a volunteer at a crisis line. Or call 988 anonymously for help if you’re experiencing emotional distress. Keep looking for trustworthy adults. I’m sorry that your home life isn’t a safe, strong springboard. Things will get better for you.

Carol Weston is the author of 16 books including Speed of Life, her novel (and audiobook) about a 14-year-old girl who writes to an advice columnist. Learn more at, and follow her on Instagram @carolwestonnyc.

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by GL | 3/2/2024