Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, I don't want my dad to get remarried"

Dear Carol,

My mom and dad got a divorce three years ago. For the past two years, my dad has had a girlfriend...and he just proposed to her, but I don’t want my dad to get remarried. What should I do?

- My Dad Is In Love

Dear My Dad Is In Love,

Divorce is not uncommon, and if your parents have been divorced for three years, you’ve probably done a lot of the work of accepting that. Your dad has already been dating the new woman for two years? That’s a long time, too (he didn’t get down on one knee on a whim). If she’s caring and smart, that can be good for all of you—and you’d be wise to figure out how to get along with her. It’s not a betrayal of your love for your mom to be kind to the woman with your dad. Might it help to congratulate them both? What can you and your soon-to-be stepmom do together (pedicures? pickle- ball? planting a flower garden?). Even if you’re not her biggest fan, you still need to try to make the best of it. My mother was widowed twice (!), so I know how hard it can be to welcome a stepparent. But I was glad that my mom was happy—and her second and third husbands were good men, even though they weren’t my dad.

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by GL | 3/26/2024