Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, I can't choose which high school to attend"

Dear Carol,

I’m having an issue with choosing a high school. Basically, where I live there are two high schools—and they’re both really good. One high school has better academic and track programs (I’m really into running), but I don’t know anyone who wants to go to that high school…and I don’t want to make friends all over again. All my friends are going to the other high school, which has pretty good running and academic programs, but not as good as the first. My mom tells me to go wherever my heart is. My dad thinks I should go to the first one because my sister went there. I can’t decide, and I’m freaking out. What do you think?

- Choosing a High School

Dear Choosing a High School,

I’m tilting toward: Pick the school that is best academically. But what does “best” even mean? Is it so rigorous or competitive that you’d find it soul-sucking? Or does it have wonderful, engaging and creative teachers everybody loves? Talk to your sister to get the lowdown on her alma mater. Can she reach out to her friends to connect you to other incoming freshmen there? I totally get why you’re going back and forth, but good news: Both schools sound great. Sticking by your friends will be fun, but change and a fresh start are good, too. Toss a coin. First school is heads, second is tails. Quick! Which one are you rooting for?

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by GL | 6/4/2024