Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, I caught my boyfriend cheating on meโ€”with one of my close friends"

Dear Carol, 

I walked in on someone I am very close to making out with my boyfriend. I am not mad, but just...why? I tried to talk to her afterward, but she is ignoring me.

- Freaking Out

Dear Freaking Out,

Oh no! I’m so sorry. That’s a gut punch. You say you’re not mad, but aren’t you? You have every right to be mad and sad and confused, and it’s healthy to let yourself feel your feelings. You were betrayed by both the boy and girl. That hurts, and there’s no need to pretend it doesn’t. You deserve to be treated with more respect and loyalty. Ask yourself if it’s actually worth salvaging this romance or if you’d be better off walking away. Hint: Unless he has been apologizing profusely, I’d advise walking away. No doubt the girl is ghosting you because she’s embarrassed. She broke the rules—as did your boyfriend. And by the way, if they end up together, it may be cold comfort to know that it will surprise no one if at some point they cheat on each other. There are better relationships in your future. You’ll see.

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by GL | 10/3/2023