Baby, be gone! How to make your parents get that you're growing up

Sometimes parents just don’t want to believe that the sweet little kid that was there, oh, five years ago, has outgrown her princess costume and is more into indie bands than make believe. Here’s how to show them that you’re growing up…minus the temper tantrums that are way more toddler than teenager.

Prove it

Instead of pushing back your homework plans when a last minute shopping trip arises, tell your buds you’ll catch ‘em next time and buckle down to study. And be sure to casually mention it to your parents—but keep your tone totally “no big deal.” On top of that, conquer all your chores and ‘fess up problems you’re having (and ask for assistance when you need it).

Then, do this: If you’re looking for an extended curfew, a revision to M&D’s dating rules or another favor, now is the time to ask—so do it. Act maturely and present your argument with examples of that maturity. And if they say no, shrug your shoulders, accept their decision and wait for a better time.

Change it up

Feeling like you’re too old to go trick-or-treating as usual this year? Instead of telling your parents that you feel like a baby toting around a pumpkin-shaped bucket, mention that you were thinking of doing something different with your friends to celebrate this year. Think: Horror movie marathon the weekend before, or a get-together the night of with the usual trick-or-treat crew. Hey, you’ll totally hand out candy!

Consider this: It’s easy to refuse to do anything, but that’s annoying and bratty. Coming up with your own ideas to replace the things you did as a kid will make your parents see that you are evolving.

See things their way

No, we don’t mean their side of the “no, you can’t stay out after ten” argument (though it might be helpful anyway). We’re talking about taking an interest in more adult things and broadening your horizons. Take a peep at the newspaper as you chug your morning O.J., talk critically about your classes over dinner and ask them for real-world advice, like if they think you might be able to start your own dog walking business.

Why? Because when you start interacting with your parents on an adult level, they begin to respect you more as a peer than as a kid who needs to be sheltered and watched over. Besides, your ‘rents are way cooler than you think. Promise.

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by Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016