Nosy parents? Try this to set boundaries


When you have strict or nosy parents, it can feel like you have no privacy or that they never let you do anything funor even that they don’t trust you. While you might be tempted to throw a tantrum, take a deep breath. There are better ways to deal than fighting or deceiving them and we've got our best advice for how to handle it below:

Remember they aren’t against you.

Your parents do everything they do because they love you. They're not trying to make your life miserable or make sure you’re not having any fun. Keeping you safe is their number one priority and believe it or not, they often know what they're talking about. More times than not, listening to Mom and Dad will keep you out of trouble.

Talk to them.

Communication is *always* key. If you have a problem with their rules or with your mom snooping in your room, don’t keep it to yourself. The most important thing is to let your parents know what you’re thinking. Don’t scream or yell because that will make your parents less inclined to listen to you. Your parents will appreciate when you approach them maturely. Calmly explain to them what your issue is and why you think changes need to be made.


Sometimes your parents are just plain right and you're just going to accept their rules. Try to come up with a solution that will appeal to both of you. For example, if your parents are worried about you walking home from a friend’s house at night, ask them if you can go to their house earlier that way you have the same amount of time with your friend but you are still getting home before dark.

Do you have strict or nosy parents? How do you deal with them? Let us know below!


by Maddie Smith | 9/13/2016