"My little sister is *always* copying me"

You're about to head out the door for a day out with your fam, and your little sis walks downstairs...wearing the *exact* same outfit you're wearing. Ugh. You love her, but you really don't want to be twinning with a seven-year-old. And she does this all the time. Before you snap at her or let it ruin your day, read our tips below on how to cope with a copycat.

Appreciate it.
We get that it's annoying. But remember that imitation really is the sincerest form of flattery. She's copying you because she wants to be like you and that's super sweet. It means you're a pretty cool girl (although we already knew that!). 

Be a good role model.
Once you feel flattered that your little sis wants to be just like you, keep in mind that that also means she is watching your every move. So that time you cursed out your BF on the phone? She heard it. Or that time you wore a not-so-classy outfit to the party? She saw it. Remember that everything you do, she sees and will probably try for herself.  

Wait it out.
This is just a stage she is going through. In a year or two (or even sooner), she won't want to wear what you wear or do what you do. Getting mad at her now won't do anything except make you both upset and strain your relationship. Be patient and it will pass. 

Encourage her individuality.
While it's cute that she is copying you, she also might need a little boost to being her own person. Compliment her when she picks out her own outfit, or cheer her on when she scores the winning soccer goal. Make sure your little sis knows that who *she* is just as special as who you are and she doesn't need to try to be like anyone else. 

Do you have a younger sib who copies you? How do you deal? Let us know below! 


by Amanda Tarlton | 3/8/2018