Easy ways to build a better bond with your mom

Your mom can be the biggest role model in your life. She’s also a girl (obvi), she’s dealt with the same probs and she will be with you forever. If the bond with your mom is a little weak right now, don’t worrywe’ve got some tips to strengthen that connection.

Start talking more.
The thought of telling your mom about your personal life can seem pretty scary, but start small. You can tell her about your day and ask about hers. Showing her care about the things she's interested in will likely be the highlight of her day.

Make time for her.
Instead of making your whole weekend about socializing with friends, make time for a mother-daughter day. Shopping, getting your nails done or having an epic rom-com marathon is super fun and relaxing for you both. If you can’t do a whole day, do a few hours. Just let her know you want to spend time with her.

Ask about her teenage years.
Your mom has been around a lot longer than you, so ask her about what it was like for her when she was growing up. This is a great way for you to get closer to her. You’ll end up feeling way more comfortable coming to her when a problem comes up in your life.

If you’re mad at her talk about it.
In any conflict with anyone don’t leave things unsaid. If you got into a heated argument, take a break, gather your thoughts and talk about it when you're ready. Adding fuel to the fire won’t be good for either of you.

Stop acting embarrassed.
It’s probably hurting her feelings when you make a big deal about her embarrassing you. Her intentions are good and she just really loves you. The truth is, we end up just like our parents so embrace her quirks!

Tell her how much you love her.
Moms do so much for us and they rarely get the recognition they deserve. Tell her how thankful you are for her constant support, always accommodating your crazy schedule and ultimately, for loving you unconditionally even when you’re difficult.

What makes you thankful for your mom? How do you two bond? Tell us in the comments below!

Photo credit: The WB

by Bella Torres | 12/9/2018