5 fun things to do with mom this summer

We bet there's one gal you haven't had quite enough hang-time with this summer. Not your camp BFF or your pal from preschool (though, text them!). We definitely mean your mom. When was the last time you two actually did something fun together? Here are some great ways to bond, while the sun is shining bright.

Create a book club for two
The only person who possibly reads more than you is, well, your mama. Hit up your favorite book store or the library together, and score *two* copies of whatever catches your eyes (yes, you have to agree). Give yourselves a couple weeks to read it, and then go out for milkshakes, boba tea, get chat about what you loved, what you hated, and what made you gasp. We bet it'll become a tradition that lasts past Labor Day. (Oh, and if you two are having trouble deciding on a genre? Go with her pick this month, and agree to read something that's more you next month. Hey, life is all about compromise, especially when it comes to family).

Say "spaaaah"
It’s a safe bet to say you both could use a day to destress. Instead of flicking on the TV, treat yourselves to a cooling DIY spa day. Think: lots of iced mint water (um, just add mint to a glass of regular ice water), avocado face masks and some cukes on your lids. Once you've sufficiently cooled down, do a DIY pedi, complete with some summery nail art. Sometimes, it's just too hot to leave the house.

Dress up and go out for brunch
Instead of just catching a quick bite to eat in the middle of your Saturday errands, make a point to really savor a meal with your mom. (Oh, and we're suggesting brunch, but if some other time of day works better for your schedule, go for that instead.) On a tight budget? Pack up a picnic, hit the park and make sure to wear flat sandals with your cute sundress. This is the perfect opportunity to have a one-on-one talk anything that's on your mind or to simply discuss stuff that you two don't normally talk about. Enjoy your favorite meal with your favorite person!

Host a movie night
A rainy summer evening calls for a movie night. Gather all your favorite chick flicks and snacks (Nutella cookie pops, perhaps?) for a much-needed movie night with mom. Don’t forget to throw on your favorite PJs and put those phones away.

Hit the beach
You and your BFFs head to the beach or the pool all the time. Take a break from the routine, and ask Mom hit the water with you. Sure, you two could just chill on the beach blanket, but we suggesting spedning a little time getting nostalgic with it. Maybe hunt for beach glass or walk to your favorite candy store or ride the waves...something that'll remind you both of all those great seaside memories that buried under the years of sand. Did summer break even happen if you didn’t spend a day under the sun with your mom? Sure, as long as you got in a mega dose of quality time with your girl.

What's your fave thing to do with your mom? Share below!


by Emily LoSasso | 7/15/2018